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Norwegian Rock Cat

Constantly in Flux

Other Stuff

My Software Portfolio lists the software projects that I have worked on. If you want to look at my coding skills go there.

My main page at the Norwegian Computing Center (Norsk Regnesentral) has my current work and publications. I try to keep that vaguely up-to-date.

Trolltech/Nokia Labs

I wrote several blog entries for during my time at Trolltech and Nokia. Those are archived at Nokia labs.

Qt Quarterly Articles

Comic Strip

Outland, one of Norway’s two chains of comics and games stores, recently held a comic strip contest. I couldn’t help but try to enter. I took some days off of work and produced this. I must admit that it’s more of an inside joke for me, though a few people who read it also had a chuckle.

I didn’t win a spot in the final book, but I learned a lot doing it and am glad that I invested the time in it.