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Masters at UiO

This page includes the Master’s work at the University of Oslo.

My initial proposal for my thesis. Specially regenerated for this site. Almost guaranteed to not be exactly what I hand in.
Evaluating Mobile Phones with the Keystroke-Level Model and other Desktop Methods (yes, other “should” have been capitalized) is now available on DUO. It got me an ‘A.’
Using the Keystroke-Level Model to Evaluate Mobile Phones
This was my paper for the IRIS 31 conference in Åre, Sweden. It was a good experience overall, though at the time I had no idea what I was going to be doing next. IRIS is a good conference to get comments on papers however.


KLM-Qt is a tool for generating keystroke level models for programs written with Qt. It will be released under the terms of a “BSD-like” license. Currently there is no official release of KLM-Qt, but you can take a look at its Mercurial repository.