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Norwegian Rock Cat

Constantly in Flux

Persona: Maude

Maude—The parent

37-years old
5th Grade Teacher
York, England


Maude lives with her two kids, Mary, 12, and Alex, 8, and her dog, Rex, in a small house in York, England. Maude works as a fifth-grade teacher in one of primary schools in the city. A typical day involves getting the kids ready for school, Walking with the kids to Mary’s bus stop and then driving with Alex to her school. Maude has always been interested in children’s development and typically reads around five books on the subject during the year, when she’s not reading something else. When summer rolls around, she likes to take the kids on a couple week vacation in another country to give the kids a chance to learn a bit about other countries. They’ve been to France, Italy, and Switzerland. She’s considering doing a bigger tour through Scandinavia and Finland for next summer after hearing another teacher rave about it at the start of the school year.


  • Working with kids
  • Learning about children’s development
  • Teaching Rex new tricks


  • The kids watching too much TV
  • Uncooperative principals


  • Heard a lot of great things about Norway