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Norwegian Rock Cat

Constantly in Flux

Persona: Lars

Lars—The Young Only Child

3-years old
Oslo, Norway


Lars is a typical boy. He lives with his mom and dad in an apartment in outer Oslo. He likes playing with toys, especially his favorites: the Transformers and Buzz Lightyear. When he isn’t at the day-care center, you’ll find him outside at the playground at the park near he lives. His current favorite is the big slide. It can be problematic when it rains, though. His mom and dad, don’t let him go outside then unless he wears all his rain gear, which is big and clunky and makes it hard to move at his “fast speed.” So, instead of going outside, his parents try to play board games or do some crafts. Sometimes, he enjoys it, other times it requires too much sitting, and he wants to move around. Other times when he can touch all sorts of things or move around a bit, it’s great.


  • Likes playing outdoors in parks
  • Likes Buzz Lightyear and Transformers
  • Wants to be able to touch everything.
  • Loves sticking out his tougue


  • Broccoli
  • Sitting still for more than 10 minutes
  • Being told he can’t touch something


  • Bores easily