Week 4: Review and resubmit

Patience wins out

This week ended up being a lot of review on the ethics application. I had assumed that once I had written things up that it would just go further to the committee. This was a wrong assumption. The application was then looked at by several people in the department. They had questions, very good questions. This helped me to understand the process within the group and build a better experiment. I also learned that there were different ways of phrasing things that worked well for a English version of an application (as opposed to using a similar phrase from my Norwegian applications). Everyone involved was very helpful.

In between the reviews, I kept busy by writing an abstract for a workshop, and porting my node over to the navigation architecture in ROS. The abstract writing gave me a chance to sharpen my research questions and what I am working with. The porting work mostly consisted of me walking through the different methods to figure out where my code could go.

Happily, towards the end of the week, the application was sent in, I had finished up my abstract for the workshop, and started finding places to insert some of my code. I'll probably end up writing more about that next week. But in the meantime, I took a short weekend to Oslo. Traveling back to Oslo was not something I plan on doing often, but things lined up so that it made sense to travel back. Then, it was a matter to remember to ride bike on the correct side of the road in Oslo (i.e., the right side).