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Norwegian Rock Cat

Constantly in Flux

A New Start

It’s time for a new start on the Web site. Every November, the Norwegian Rock Cat web site awakens from its slumber and wonders if something should be done to make things look different. This time, I’m trying a “alternative” CMS system called Octopress that looks interesting. I’m thrilled that it already does a lot of things out-of-the-box that I was intending to get around to. This includes:

  • Automatically fixing typography things (like quotation marks and dashes).
  • Putting bullet points “outside” of the text.
  • Allowing a semi-easy way of previewing posts locally before submitting (i.e., fewer grammar errors on the public site).

Since this place has always been a place for me to experiment, it also means that some things are blown away (like all the old content). Don’t worry. I’ll figure out a way to make those things appear again. I just need to get RapidWeaver and Octopress to be in agreement.

It will also be a place where I can try and revive my attempts to do some writing. More to keep my mind limber for all these writing assignments I need to do at work. What will I write about? We’ll see, but I think I can find some interesting topics.

Stay tuned unknown reader!